Chromebooks and iPads

As mobile learning devices become more prevalent, we are finding ourselves in a position to really rethink pedagogy.  Possibilities are exploding when it comes to truly engaging young minds with both content driven and more general apps.  Whether the approach is an iPad/Chromebook for every child, an iPad/Chromebook per classroom or iPad/Chromebook mobile learning carts, options for teaches are endless. Although potentially overwhelming, there are a plethora of resources out there to support individual teachers, technology leaders and administrators. Our work is beginning to specialize in:

1. Setting the stage for iPad or Chromebook deployment: getting your tech department, teachers, school leaders, parents and students ready! (Hot Tip: Students are the easiest!)

2. Enhancing & upgrading curriculum to better  integrate & reflect 21st century skills in relation to iPad/Chromebook projects/tasks.

3. Working with teachers on the nuts & bolts of iPad/Chromebook integration relative to their unique classroom needs/setting.

4. Leveraging Google Apps for Education across all devices.

Some resources we find most useful in the area of iPads/Chromebooks in Education are:

iPads in Education Ning: Great place for overview and to connect with other educators using iPads.

30 Ideas for Using Chromebooks in Education – Great list of ideas

100 Google Drive Tips for Educators – Awesome tips for Google Drive

GEG Hawaii – Community of educators devoted to Google Apps in Hawaiʻi

Langwitches Blog: So many resources here. Lots of “how to’s”.

EdTechTeam Google Workshops – great slide decks that include How-Toʻs and Resources pages on all sorts of Google in Education related topics.

iPad Education Dreams Facebook Group

iPads in Education – Run by Ian Wilson, a freelance Apple Education Mentor based in the north west of England (Twitter: @Ian__Wilson). Fabulous information.

Teach with Your iPad Wiki – a simple site yet so deep and rich with resources and how-to’s!

iPad Curriculum – a great site that links apps to Bloom’s Taxonomy in a clear and simple manner.

iPads in Schools– Highlighting Educational Uses of the iPad

40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners – fantastic list!

Common Sense Media Learning Ratings Initiative – They are sifting through the vast sea of products out there, rating and reviewing each one based on its learning potential



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